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Silkscreened poster for FUN.’s 2013 Austin City Limits performance! 50 of this limited edition print are up for sale in the store!

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Posters for “Now I’m All Messed Up” and “I’m Not Your Hero” from HEARTTHROB by Tegan and Sara.

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Cover for the New Tegan and Sara Record, HEARTTHROB, Unveiled Today

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Revel & Riot is going to San Francisco Pride!

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New Death Cab For Cutie Website Launches

new death cab for cutie website design

The new DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE website, by Storey Elementary and spacedog launched today! Lots more to DCFC related work as I continue to develop the art for their new record ‘Codes and Keys.’

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Revel & Riot launches today!!!

revel and riot

some art from revel & riot


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magazine ad for INSOUND!

i recently did  a new ad for INSOUND, a really great indie company making and selling music and inspired products online. i love them! The ad just appeared in the new issue of fader. more pics of the ad in the poster section

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tegan and sara VINYL COLLECTION design

tegan and sara, the complete box set

vinyl collection box

storey elementary recently designed the packaging for tegan and sara’s complete vinyl collection!

this is sneak peek of the art, as the set isn’t available yet, it’s still in the pre-order stages. more images will be up soon. in the meantime, you can pre-order it here on and when you do you get a limited edition, signed poster. the project was a real challenge — art that attempts to encase (the box), and encompass (the poster) a decade of tegan and sara’s music. they are such an inspiration!

collage poster

tegan and sara collage poster

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on directing

prep for the tegan and sara video, ON DIRECTING

last month i helped make the two new tegan and sara videos ON DIRECTING and NORTHSHORE.

my Northshore collage

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tegan and sara, summer merch!

tegan and sara summer merch

tshirts, hoodie and bandana for summer costumes

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the first 8 artist music journals

this series seriously just gets better with every month. the journals are so cool. go to soundscreen design to buy them. or go to our store to buy EE Storey’s journal – edition 06!

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TEGAN AND SARA’S ON, IN, AT, paperback edition

Tegan and Sara's ON, IN, AT, paperback edition

The paperback edition of Tegan and Sara’s 3 book set ON, IN AT will be available for purchase in a couple of weeks!

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artist music journal edition 06

my issue of soundscreen design’s artist music journal series is now officially available for sale!

you can purchase it from my store at or from the soundscreen design website. get one now — only 1000 copies were printed. it’s a 24 page book of original art and images, printed on thick stock, offset, box-scored and saddle stitched, and comes packaged in a 10″ jacket. all 12 issues (done by seripop, Hisham Bharoocha, Brian Roettinger and more.)

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rorschach room

a photograph of ee storey in what was the ink factory (taken by sarah bastin) – where we made the hundreds of rorschach-style ink blots for the tegan and sara ON, IN, AT book set pre-order. by the end of the day, every inch of the room was covered in squares of ink stained paper.

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sainthood album art, front and back cover

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berd: the texture on this little bird's body was inspired by cotton fibres

this summer i worked on the new logo for the yellow bird project. YBP is a non-profit that works with indie rock bands to design and sell tshirts, the proceeds of which go to a charity/organization of the band’s choosing. the new YBP website just launched so you can see the little bird there.
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the new launched a few days ago. i designed it and it was built by my friend, the wizard, elliot. this website was conceived with thoughts of the great void before a record is released. keeping it simple.

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